Cross country equipment

The rapid change in XC boot/binding systems has resulted in a growing
number of obsolete systems.

The Calgary New & Used Ski Sale will only accept modern binding systems – Salomon SNS or Profil, or New Nordic Norm NNN.

We still accept 75 mm Backcountry 3-pin cable bindings as well as modern BC SNS and NNN bindings.

We will NOT accept any system for which the public would have difficulty obtaining parts and service (e.g. Look, Adidas, Geze, Reme, Tyrolia or the old 50, 73 or 79 mm 3-pin bindings).

ALL goods must be clean with no dirt, road salt, old XC ski waxes or other soiling.

We will want to be able to check ski camber by sliding paper under a clean ski base.

We want our customers to be able to go skiing immediately with no hassle after purchasing goods.

We will reject cross country skis if:

  • They have NOT been cleaned of wax or klister (thereby preventing a ski camber test).
  • Skis are old wooden light touring skis.
  • There is no effective camber remaining on light touring skis. Okay for metal edge backcountry skis.
  • Binding screws cannot be tightened.
  • Repairs have been poorly done.
  • Edges are torn or badly worn; bases are badly scratched or gouged.
  • Waxless (fishscale) ski bases are badly worn or if ski wax fills the hollows.
  • There are structural defects such as delamination.
  • More than two sets of binding holes are visible.

We will reject bindings if:

  • Parts are missing or damaged.
  • They are an obsolete or “orphaned” system for which parts may be unavailable e.g. Old Adidas, Look, Geze, Reme, Tyrolia, 50, 73 or 79 mm 3 pin bindings.
  • They are plastic 75 mm (3-pin) bindings.
  • They are 3-pin 75 mm light touring bindings (heavy duty 3-pin with cable bindings are acceptable).
  • We accept only modern binding systems – SNS or NNN or Backcountry SNS or NNN or cable bindings.

We will reject boots if:

  • Boots are cracked or soles are separating.
  • Pin holes are ripped; bars are bent or broken.
  • Toes are badly curled up.
  • Boots are very worn.
  • Zippers are broken or damaged.
  • Torsional and/or lateral rigidity is low or absent. (They can be twisted easily.)
  • Boot uses an orphaned binding system as outlined above. (Adidas, Look, etc.)
  • We only accept modern boots using binding systems outlines above.

We will reject poles if:

  • Baskets, straps, handgrips or tips are missing or damaged.
  • Poles are cracked or badly bent.
  • We do not accept bamboo poles. They are easily split, splinter, or break.
  • Pairs that are mis-matched as to size or style.

We will reject roller skis if:

  • Wheel wear is bad or abnormal.
  • Frame or wheel supports are cracked.


Avalanche transceivers will NOT be accepted as we cannot ascertain satisfactory operation.