How to prepare your gear

Detailed appraisal criteria for downhill and cross-country skis, snowboards, snowshoes and clothing are listed on the following pages.

  • All goods should be clean with no dirt, road salt, or other soiling. Soap and water works well. We want our customers to be able to go riding with minimal hassle after purchasing goods.
  • Do not wax ski bases or tops or use “Armor All” between the bindings.
  • Please ensure that bindings are complete as to all screws and friction plates.
  • Please ensure that boots are a matched pair as to size and left/right.
  • Please ensure that skis have matching serial numbers.
  • Please ensure that ski poles are not mismatched as to size and that baskets, handles and straps are intact.
  • If consigning a number of sets of gear, please secure matched pairs of skis, boots or poles together with heavy duty rubber bands, string or tape.

Thank you for your assistance to our volunteers at consignment.

Please note that the Ski Sale can help you dispose of obsolete or unsafe gear at the Annual Ski Sale. Please contact our volunteers at consignment. This service to the public will assist our goal to remove obsolete and unsafe gear from the ski hills and ski trails. It also keeps unsafe and obsolete gear out of the public domain.