Snowboard equipment

ALL goods must be clean with no dirt, road salt, or other soiling.

We want our customers to be able to go riding with minimal hassle after purchasing goods.

We will reject snowboards if:

  • Any delamination is visible.
  • Tips are bent due to damage.
  • There are pressure cracks in the tip or tail areas of the top surface.
  • Bends, cracks or uneven flex indicates core damage.
  • Sidewall is cracked, which could affect the core.
  • Edges are damaged, are severely worn or are missing.
  • Bases have bad gouges or are curling. Watch for thin bases.
  • Binding holes are missing inserts for fastening bindings.
  • Binding holes are too deep and affect base.
  • Repairs have been poorly done.

We will reject bindings if:

  • Bindings are not intact – all straps must be tacked in and in working order.
  • There are cracks in high-backs or foot-bed.
  • The inserts are stripped – pull bindings away from board and twist from right to left to inspect.

We will reject snowboard boots if:

  • There are tears, rips or cracks in plastic parts of boot, both inside and out.
  • There is a missing bladder insert
  • Boots have been customized by cutting away rubber sole or heel to lessen overhang on toe or heel.