Ski Sale volunteers will be appraising all equipment and used clothing that is consigned to the sale.

Sale appraisers have been trained on what is considered to be acceptable and unacceptable equipment. They can also assist you in setting a reasonable price for your consignment(s).

Merchandise not meeting our standards will be rejected at our sole discretion.

The Calgary New & Used Ski Sale, while a bargain sale, tries to best serve the public and retailers by not accepting out-of-date equipment or clothing which would be difficult to sell or is materially out-of-date. For example, DH ski gear older than seven or ten years; XC trackset skis, boots and bindings older than 20 years.

All goods should be clean with no dirt, road salt, old XC ski waxes or other soiling.

We want our customers to be able to go skiing or boarding after a safety inspection and adjustment for bindings without major repairs being required before use.