Consignment policies

The Calgary New & Used Ski Sale has policies in place intended to guide our treatment of public and shop consigners:

Normal ski shops and reps:

  • Are recognized businesses.
  • Are a normal part of the ski industry.
  • Operate from a shop front or storefront.

Shops not ordinarily part of the ski industry shall be treated as public consignors:

  • They shall pay the 30% commission but not pay the $2 per item tag registration fee.
  • We require an address (not a P.O. box) where we may return any defective gear returned by public.


  • Are charities as approved by the Calgary New & Used Ski Sale Management Committee in its sole discretion, e.g. Kiwanis.
  • Are participating ski clubs, e.g. the Calgary Ski Club.
  • Are skiing sport governing bodies e.g. Cross Country Alberta.

Public consignors:

  • Members of the general public.
  • Former managers and staff of ski shops now closed.

Commission rates and handling charges:

  • Effective 2011, GST will be added at the cash tills to all purchases
  • The Ski Sale must remit GST collected to the government.
  • Public Consignment:
    • Consignment fee – 30% sales consignment will be charged on all sold items.
  • Shop Consignment:
    • Consignment fee – 20% sales consignment will be charged on all sold items from shops and charities.
    • Tag fee – $2 tag fee will be charged on all consigned items (sold and unsold excluding bulk tags), this fee is a handling fee.
    • Bulk tag fee – $0.50 (50 cents per tag) tag fee will be charged to all bulk tag consigned items (sold and unsold). Note, bulk tags are reserved for large quantities (more than 10) of identical items. The Calgary New & Used Ski Sale does not track these items, assumes no liability for missing bulk items at the end of the sale. Generally these are to be used for low-value items.
  • In the event of a fundraising promotion by a charity, the Calgary New & Used Ski Sale Management Committee, in its sole discretion, may decide to waive a commission.

Large Consignments:

In the event of large number of items (more than 20 items) from a non-ski shop, staff of a closed ski shop, or a member of the general public, the following rules will apply:

  1. They will receive a shop number and shop tags.
  2. They are required to complete their own tags with minimal Calgary New & Used Ski Sale volunteer help.
  3. They will consign and reclaim all goods through the Zamboni door (the sale’s shop consignment entrance) on the normal shop schedule.
  4. If they have not completed their tags beforehand, they will be provided space in the foyer near the Zamboni door (the sale’s shop consignment entrance) with table(s) and consignment supplies to complete their shop tags.
  5. If a dolly is required at any time, they MUST use a specified Emergency Exit near the Zamboni door for safety reasons at the Public Entrance.
  6. Their goods will be appraised at that location before tagging unless they can prove that qualified Calgary New & Used Ski Sale volunteers or ski industry professionals have inspected and certified the items.


  • All goods entering the Calgary New & Used Ski Sale must be properly assessed as to their suitability according to current Calgary New & Used Ski Sale appraisal policies.
  • For normal public individuals, appraisal will occur at Max Bell before being accepted for consignment.
  • Non-ski shops must have knowledgeable ski professionals appraise their goods, at their expense, before being consigned and accepted for consignment.
  • For charities, arrangements can be made for Calgary New & Used Ski Sale appraisers to help the charity appraise their goods before completing the shop consignment tags. This is dependent on having the resources available and is at the sole discretion of the Calgary New & Used Ski Sale Management Committee.