Downhill ski equipment

ALL goods should be clean with no dirt, road salt, old XC ski waxes or other soiling.

We want our customers to be able to go skiing after a safety inspection and adjustment for bindings without major repairs being required before use.

We will reject downhill boots if:

  • There is no DIN number on the sole.
  • The front edge of the boot has been ground or notched.
  • Soles, AFD/LFD areas or heels show medium to heavy wear.
  • Buckles are missing.
  • Shells are cracked.
  • Liners are badly worn or torn.

We will reject bindings if:

  • Model is not on the current year’s indemnified list from the manufacturers.
  • There are missing pieces.
  • Anti-friction devices/Low friction devices (AFD/LFD) are missing.
  • Ski brakes are damaged or missing.
  • Bindings are inappropriate for the skis (e.g. adult bindings on kids’ skis).

We will reject skis if:

  • They are old-style straight skis for adults or kids. (Straight skis are defined as not having an hourglass shape and a shovel width of 95 mm or less)
  • Delaminations are visible.
  • Tips are bent.
  • Bends, cracks, or uneven flex indicates core damage.
  • Sidewall is cracked.
  • Edges are damaged or severely worn.
  • Base has bad gouges or is curling. Watch for thin bases.
  • More than two pairs of binding holes are visible.
  • Bindings are inappropriate for the skis (e.g. kids’ bindings on adult skis).

We will reject poles if:

  • Badly bent or creased.
  • Pair is mis-matched.
  • Baskets, straps or tips are missing.