The Ski Sale will once again be handling the clothing portion of the Ski Sale. We will accept both NEW and USED clothing.

Shoppers at the Ski Sale are looking for fashionable, fairly priced articles.

Higher priced clothing items do not sell as well as lower priced items. This is a bargain sale.

Clothing items which are outdated are not good sellers.

We will not accept for consignment any clothing more than five years old.

While we offer a bargain sale, we want our customers to be able to use the clothing items immediately without cleaning and major repairs being required before use.

All items of clothing MUST be checked carefully by Ski Sale volunteers:

  • All clothing MUST be no older than five years and NOT look outdated.
  • All clothing must look and smell clean.
  • There should be no stains inside or out.
  • There should be no badly faded spots.
  • There should be no tears, rips or patches in clothing.
  • All zippers and other fasteners should be in working order

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept the following USED clothing items:

  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Sweaters (except racing suit sweaters)
  • Cotton XC ski wear

The Calgary New and Used Ski Sale is proud to support The Jacket Racket.

We urge customers whose clothing items are rejected or remain unsold to place the items in the wire cages for donation to The Jacket Racket after the Ski Sale.