About The Calgary New & Used Ski Sale

Today, the Calgary New & Used Ski Sale is the oldest of its type in Canada, and among the very largest. It has been successful for so long because it caters to a wide cross-section of customers including bargain hunters, quality and value purchasers, and speciality buyers looking for a special type, size, brand or colour of item within a broader price band.

Now in its sixth decade, it continues to meet its long-standing purpose:

  • To raise much needed funds for the three principal organizing clubs
  • To promote and develop the snow-sliding industry.
  • To raise the profile of the three hosting clubs in the community.
  • To provide safety inspected, bargain-priced goods to beginner skiers.
  • To permit ski retailers to consign goods at discount prices without appearing to be a discount retailer.
  • To sell goods on behalf of retailers at low cost to them.
  • To promptly remit payment to all consignors.
  • To provide an easy method for the public to upgrade and replace old (but good) gear with new gear.
  • To encourage the public to get obsolete or unsafe equipment off the ski hills or XC ski trails.
  • To serve the community by helping other worthy organisations such as: The Jacket Racket, Alberta Assoc. of Disabled Skiers, The Kiwanis Club, Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary.